• Do you have one big problem in your life that you're trying to ignore?

    Are you just hoping that it'll get better on its own?


    You've been hoping that for months now haven't you?

    But nothing's changed...


    Life can feel increasingly challenging when you're being ground down by one area of
    your life that is sucking the energy and the joy out of everything else.
    It might be your partner, your child, your job or your health.
    If that one issue would go away, everything would be fine - right?
    If that's what you've been saying for months now, perhaps now is a good time to call in some help.

  • Could Coaching help you?


    "You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it" Einstein.


    Are you trying to keep all the plates spinning in your life, maybe even protect your kids, while trying to deal with one big issue that is spilling out into everything else?


    Maybe you feel like you're trying to shield everyone else from 'this problem', but you're struggling with it yourself.


    You may be feeling like you can't tell anyone how you really feel about what's going on?

    What would they think? What would they say? What would they think about you?


    The truth is, everyone is hiding a problem that they don't know how to solve - and yet its eating away at them every day.


    It's ok. You're not alone. You're not unusual. You don't need to hide anymore...



    Coaching for Parents

    If you can relate to having one issue that is eating away at you, it may even be affecting your;


    - health and energy - or weight gain

    - job/work results

    - stress levels - you're crying more, or your sleeping pattern has changed

    - relationship with your kids is strained, or you're seeing them start to struggle or withdraw from you

    - marriage - it could be the issue, or being affected by the issue

    - happiness and laughter seems to be a thing of the past!


    Sound familiar?


    'Coaching for Parents' helps you get back on track. When you have some support, you can overcome what ever may be eating away at you.

    No problem is too big to solve - but it can feel like that if you're constantly hiding the full picture from others - or even not admitting the full extent of the problem to yourself.


    Coaching for parents is for people who want to achieve more, and to be true to who they really are - chances are that if you have a family, what bothers you, bothers them more than you know, or are willing to admit. 


    This coaching is about you reclaiming your life.


    Your career, relationships and parenting will thrive when you learn to face what's bothering and even debilitating you, and develop the skills to change things permanently.


    In 3 months you can transform your 'secret problem' into a thing of the past - and every aspect of your life will benefit as a result.


    The cost of coaching for 1 month using Zoom/Facetime/Skype is $888 CAD. 3 months minimum is highly recommended!


    If you have questions, text Lindsay directly at 1-647-409-2096 or email to find out more.


    Coaching for Students

    If you're struggling, how do you think it feels to be away from home for the first time, or even thrown into a new routine with new friends?


    Colleges and Universities have got much better at offering help, however there is often a long waiting time.


    This one to one, video/facetime coaching is available to anyone who is currently in full time education and facing challenges such as:


    - overwhelm

    - anxiety (academic or social)

    - extreme home sickness

    - concerns about mental health

    - depression


    This coaching program will help you to return to a more healthy mental state, and also give you practical tools to help you manage how you feel now, and to know what to do in the future.


    Anything that is discussed with a student will be kept confidential, and will only be shared with parents if the student agrees that it is within everyone's best interest to know more information.


    The Cost of 3 Months Private Zoom/Facetime/Skype coaching is $1888 CAD.


    If you're wondering if this is right for you, please text Lindsay at 1-647-409-2096 or email today.


  • Who's Lindsay?

    Lindsay de Swart

    The Parent Alchemist - the Coach for people in families!

    Lindsay has worked with Moms and Dads, both in the corporate world and entrepreneurs, to help them stop living with the stress and chaos of today's hectic, crazy life so they can become happier parents, with thriving kids, in healthy families.


    Lindsay now also works with students who are away studying as this is a new dynamic for many families - and a challenging one for parents and their children too.


    She is a Mom, Sister, Daughter and Wife, owns 2 dogs and loves to run, ski, ride and lift weights occasionally too!


    She has been coaching for 13 years and now works from her family home in Holland Landing, Ontario. She enjoys life free of stress and drama - and she wants to help you to do the same!

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  • Testimonials

    Real experiences from people just like you

    "Lindsay stepped in at the right time in my career. With major career shifts within 12 months, Lindsay helped me navigate the corporate waters and keep perspective on my role and career. Lindsay is a fantastic coach who meets you where you’re at, helps you determine priorities and goals from a wholistic approach, and then helps you align your life with those goals to give you tangible ways to achieve them."

    Jason Henry Ruhl


    "Working with Lindsay changed my life.


    Things that rattled and derailed me, didn’t show up on my radar anymore. Those that did show up, didn’t sit there for long. I was clear on what I wanted and how to get it, and I was going for it.


    The best change? I am happy. I am smiling, laughing, and enjoying all aspects of life.

    Thanks to Lindsay I have never been more clear on my direction, my purpose, and what makes me truly happy. It was hard work, and at times I wanted to give up, I’m so glad I didn’t, cause then I wouldn’t have the life I do now." Lisa Marie Stonaha

    "At the start of our work together, I was a successful real estate investor, enterprise level sales person with silicon valley companies, father of 2 and husband of 18 years. I wasn't particularly happy or relaxed, not sleeping well and frustrated that I could not get the peace I was searching for. I wanted to work less, (make the same money), do more of what I wanted (hobbies, real estate) and be more relaxed. Lindsay helped me find out how to do all of those things and more.


    My work with Lindsay has helped me transform myself into being more the person I want to be by releasing elements of my thinking and my life that I allowed to hold me back. Lindsay helped me understand what I was doing that was sabotaging the achievement of my goals, further she helped me release expectations and frustrations I had of others that were restricting my freedom and relaxation.

    A few key things that Lindsay helped with was de-cluttering my mind and my physical surroundings, enabling me to focus on what I love to do. Part of my travel with Lindsay involved understanding how to remove physical pain and discomfort from my body....frankly it was a process I didn't understand and was skeptical of...and I can't exactly explain what she did, but it worked and I use it often!

    The process of working with Lindsay is all done via, online web casts and phone calls. This enabled me to stay in the process during my travels for work and pleasure. The power Lindsay brings to your life is hard to articulate, however I will say that if you want the most out of yourself, if you want to remove barriers to your own success and happiness, and to achieve your goals, then you owe it to yourself to work with Lindsay.


    All the high end material possessions and physical gifts we bestow on ourselves are far less valuable than the finding of an inner peace and inner relaxation and power that we have...if we just find out how to unlock it. I did and I am changed because of it. Thanks Lindsay." Craig T

    "Lindsay has this way of listening to what you are saying and then giving you some advice that you might not normally have done, but it turns out to be the best advice! 🙂
    What she really gave me was courage." Jennifer Fisher

    "I can't begin to express all the changes that have happened in my life being coached by Lindsay. They were fast and lasting. After each session I would feel lighter and full of optimism.
    The voices in my head quieted and I had techniques to keep me on track. My life was changed forever." Nicky Coughlan

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