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Parenting - you decide how!

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    What if you could follow your gut instinct and you could do parenting any way you decided to!

Imagine if you didn’t have to play to expectations? What if you could do what you wanted and follow your own rules without any pressure to do what the ‘system’ expected you to?


How would your life be different if you could raise your kids without the fear of being judged?

Have you ever wanted to be able to;

  1. Educate your kids the way you want to – from home even?
  2. Feed your kids food that is free from pesticides and toxic additives – even nuts if it suited them?
  3. Not vaccinate your tiny baby?
  4. Be able to breast feed your baby in a public place without having to disguise yourself?
  5. Let your baby nap outside in the fresh air – wrapped up for the weather?
  6. Go at your kids speed of learning – which may be faster or slower than the expected normal?
  7. Encourage your kids to experience many different activities and experiences as they grow up, without having Olympian level commitment?
  8. Say NO to doing ‘more’ ?
  9. Break free of older family expectations and traditions?
  10. Encourage your kids to excel at what their good at, and not have to focus on their limitations?
  11. Let your kids play outside?
  12. Allow your child to sleep in the car if you have to run in to the local corner shop and get some milk – without the fear of someone reporting you?!
  13. Let your kids try and fail?
  14. Let your kids compete and not get a trophy?
  15. Encourage your kids to climb trees and play in mud – if that’s what suits them?


Although having my children in 3 different countries (continents) was tricky at times, it really opened my eyes to having to follow my gut instinct in parenting.


These different perspectives help me to work with parents when they think there is ‘no other way’, or that they are ‘stuck’ in their lifestyle.


There are many ways to achieve any desired outcome. Raising your kids is no different.

What I do know for sure, is that sitting back and complaining about ‘the system’ and who may be in charge of it currently – whether you like it or not – is not going to help your kids grow up into the wonderful people they have the potential to be – and already are.


I encourage you to think outside ‘the box’ when you’re not happy with what ‘the box’ is offering you! That may mean looking to see how other cultures do what you want to do, or even exploring local alternatives to how you are currently living.


Many people are breaking away from mainstream living now, as the mainstream living model has so many cracks in it.


If you’re not happy with your family life, or you think your kids are suffering because they don’t ‘fit in’ to mainstream living – let’s talk and I can recommend you books and websites that will help you to expand your options.


Now is the best time to make a change – before you feel you have no choice.

If you want to know more, please send me your questions today in the comments below or come over and join the conversation in my Facebook Group.

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